Best Breakfast Spots in Nashville, TN

Craving a fluffy omelet oozing with cheese? Hoping for a piece of sweet French toast? These places serve up the most satisfying breakfast meals in Nashville.

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Best Breakfast Spots in Nashville, TN

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, November 1st, 2018 at 11:22am.

Grabbing Breakfast in Nashville? Check Out These Top Spots

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that's certainly the motto in Nashville. Whether it's because the Music City lends itself to late nights and lingering mornings, or because Southerners simply appreciate a deliciously nutritious breakfast, it seems that Nashville has a special spot in its heart for this morning meal.

These are some of the top spots to enjoy breakfast in Nashville:

Biscuit Love

While it now boasts two Nashville locations and a thriving base of hungry fans, Biscuit Love was originally a humble food truck that traveled around the city in search of people looking for a playful version of brunch. Now, the restaurant serves up breakfast meals—both with and without a biscuit—from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. Popular items include the Lily biscuit, named after the original food truck, and the bananas foster oatmeal. This family-friendly restaurant also has a special menu for the youngest diners as well.

The Nashville Biscuit House

Anyone who is looking for a famed home cooked breakfast in Nashville should look no further than the Nashville Biscuit House. This casual and welcoming restaurant has been hailed as the "Best Breakfast in Nashville" by the city's residents, and diners appreciate the fact that they can get their favorite meal all day long. The menu is filled with country-style meals, such as platters that feature biscuits and gravy and homefry bowls that include homefries topped with cheese and eggs. Some people love their breakfast so much, they leave with a T-shirt bearing the restaurant's name and logo!

Proper Bagel

While a Southern breakfast certainly has its appeal, sometimes even those in Nashville need a quick, yet hearty, breakfast. Enter Proper Bagel, which brings with it the homemade bagels that became famous in New York City. While the basis of this restaurant is the beloved bagel, the menu offers a variety that can't be found at many other bagel joints in the city. From bagels topped with homemade jam and custom cream cheese to delectable bagel breakfast sandwiches and bagel salad sandwiches, there is something for every palate.

The Pancake Pantry

There are few things in this world more satisfying than a plate stacked high with hotcakes first thing in the morning. When you think breakfast food in Nashville, you should think of the Pancake Pantry – its namesake dish is the simply buttermilk pancake, but you can have yours any way you like at this homey but delicious establishment.

Obviously, the Pancake Pantry's specialty is going to be in serving you the best pancakes you've ever had, but their breakfast menu extends into the realm of traditional breakfast foods as well, such as bacon and eggs, hash browns, muffins and more. Of course, if it's your first time going to the Pancake Pantry, you're highly encouraged to just stick with the hotcakes and enjoy the array of options and choices available to you, whether that means normal buttermilk pancakes with a sampling of their homemade syrups or a uniquely styled type of pancake such as raspberry pancakes with whipped cream.

If you're going to be making the trip to Pancake Pantry, then you want be sure to give yourself about half an hour in your schedule to spend waiting in line, especially if you go anytime on weekends. This place is extremely popular among locals and visitors alike, so you can expect to wait, but rest assured that it is for a good reason – The Pancake Pantry didn't become so popular for nothing!

Whether you consider yourself a fan of pancakes or not, you'll definitely come away from the Pancake Pantry satisfied because everything on the menu is absolutely delicious. Even the simple hash browns are scrumptious – they're house-made (not the frozen kind), cut into cubes and fried to golden-brown perfection, and they're good on their own, with a dash of hot sauce, or as a complement to your eggs and hotcakes. You owe yourself a visit to this traditional breakfast restaurant in Nashville – chances are it'll be your new favorite!


Fido is the right choice to start your day off, with a first-rate breakfast in the city. Choose from a number of great egg dishes including classic bacon and eggs dish or something a little spicier, such as huevos Cubanos. So much of the menu is absolutely delicious.

You could stay here until lunch and enjoy another great meal, but if you prefer to move on, your next choice awaits.


Monell's has been a Nashville staple since the late 19th century, when it was established in Germantown. Now, there are three locations in the city, and all diners will enjoy an authentic Southern breakfast wherever they choose to eat. Breakfast meals are served during the morning hours, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Sunday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. At Monell's, no matter what you get, you can rest assured that a plate of crispy homemade fried chicken will arrive at your table as well.

Tourists who are looking for a quick bite to eat before they head out to see the sights and residents who want to begin their day with a flavorful, fulfilling meal will discover there's no shortage of delicious breakfast options in Nashville. In this city, old fashioned Southern cooking will always reign supreme.


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