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How to Make a Home Fitness StudioA Nashville home fitness studio is the perfect place for a health-conscious homeowner to spend time working out, relieving stress and treating their body like the temple that it is. Still, for homeowners who aren't sure how to make a home fitness studio, it can be hard to decide what to do first. These tips can help homeowners who want to make a room of their house into a home gym.

Assess Your Room Situation

Before a homeowner can turn one of the rooms of their house into a fitness studio, they must first decide which room is right for the task. A good fitness studio will be somewhat separated from much of the house and will often be on the first floor, since many people will spend their time in their fitness studio listening to loud music

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Home Under Construction If costs were the same, 40 percent of Americans would prefer a new construction home over a pre-existing home. That is compared to 21 percent who would opt for an established home and 39 percent with no preference.

However, fewer than half of those who strongly prefer a newly-built house are willing to fork over the additional 20 percent that new builds bring on average. Why is that? Although the newness is enticing, it doesn't single-handedly carry the luster during the home-buying experience.

While shiny and new has its allure, what's actually behind these home buyers' preferences? Questions on how to buy a new construction home? What are the pros and cons of buying a house that is newly-constructed? The following points look at some of

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Scientific Adventures for the Whole Family in Nashville TN

Young children are often amazed at the continued advancements in science, and they seek to understand the mysteries of the world with endless questions. Adults find scientific discoveries and the history of scientific developments to be fascinating and inspiring. Anyone who is looking for a bit of science fun in Nashville will love these local attractions.

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Many people mistakenly believe that a zoo is simply a place where the young and the young at heart can go to see exotic animals. However, the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is actually the ideal place to learn more about zoology — the science of studying animal behavior, physiology and classification. The zoo first opened in 1991, and now has more than 2,600 animal

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Home Owner Tips For the BackyardWith the summer season in full swing, home owners all around the Nashville area are surely spending a lot more time outside, enjoying the beautiful scenery that defines Middle Tennessee. Depending on where you live and how much space you have, there are plenty ways to enhance your outdoor living area, especially if you have a fairly large backyard. And with plenty of warm summer days and nights ahead, it's not too late to implement some of these awesome outdoor design ideas:

Install a DIY Fire Pit

Although it may sound simple, and even somewhat obvious, there's no better centerpiece to have in your backyard while enjoying a relaxing night out under the stars than a well-designed fire pit. Furthermore, it's also one of the easier and more

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Fast Home Improvements You have had your home on the market for a while, and no one is biting. Your real estate agent says that you have to make some home improvements to help your property compete in the neighborhood. Set a budget, and pick the updates that will bring your home into the 21st Century.

These six upgrades may give you the biggest bang for your buck, and make your home a lot more appealing to those hunting in your area, whether you're selling Nashville real estate or not.

Open Up the Home

One problem with trying to sell a home that does not have all the trending features is that it may have too many design aspects that are no longer preferred. Remember when everyone wanted an enclosed dining room? That is no longer the case. Open floor plans are

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Understanding Debt-to-Income When Home BuyingWhen it comes to home buying, there are a number of different factors a lender considers. Beyond the standard credit score, they're also looking at the buyer's total financial history—including the entirety of their assets, income, and debt. The debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is a major factor when it comes to the approval chances for a buyer. Why is the DTI ration significant, how do lenders calculate it, and what can home buyers can do to improve their ratio?

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Is the Debt-to-Income Ratio?

The debt-to-income ratio calculates the buyer's total debt against their total income. It's calculated on a per

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Going from Renter to HomeownerThe debate between renting and buying has been going on for years. It's something many are faced with, especially when moving to a new city. Here are some of the things you should consider if you're thinking about buying or renting a home.

How to Determine if You're Ready to Rent

Nashville’s real estate market has been red hot for quite some time now, prompting many home buyers to act fast when looking for a new place to live. With home prices constantly on the rise and competition among other buyers only getting stronger, the home buying process can be even more stressful than normal right now, which is why it’s important to take a step back, take a deep breath, and try to make the best decision possible if you’re someone currently in the…
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How Home Buying Contingencies Can Ensure a Safer Home SaleBuying a home is a huge decision, not only because of how much they cost, but because there are a lot of moving parts that affect the purchasing process. Various types of safeguards are put in place during the normal home buying process that work to protect both the seller and the buyer, and in most cases, they are referred to as contingencies. What do these contingencies mean and how can they help a buyer? Let’s explore three common ones and how they work.

Contingencies To Be Aware Of

While contracts can vary from home to home, the three main home buying contingencies that people should be aware of are financing, appraisal, and inspection contingencies. In all of these scenarios, they help protect the buyer from having to remain in a

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Nashville, TN's Best Swimming LocationsFor people who like to swim, finding just the right place can be very important. Some people swim for enjoyment, some do it for exercise, and some choose a combination of both. But no matter which option fits a person's lifestyle, there are a lot of places in and around Nashville, TN for swimming. Here are some of the best choices for anyone who wants to get their exercise in or just have a good time in the water. With so many choices, there is sure to be something for every swimming style and goal.

Wave Country Wave Pool

One of the best places for kids and adults to swim, play, and relax is in a wave pool. At Wave Country, there is plenty to do in and around the water. For people who like the gentle waves there are relaxing options, and for

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How to Save and Budget for Closing CostsBuying a home can involve a lot of expenses to consider, including a down payment, fees, inspection costs, and more. What many people tend to think of, though, when purchasing a home is the sum of closing costs that must be paid before the purchase is finalized. While many parts of the buying process are important, having enough capital for closing costs is an integral part of the entire purchase.

What Do Closing Costs Entail?

Closing costs can include everything from recording fees, title policies, courier charges, inspections, and an impound account. This will range from 2 to 4 percent of the total purchase price, varying based on origination fees the lender charged for the loan.

Although closing costs are portrayed as one lump sum

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