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Best Interior Designers in Nashville, TNWhen it comes to finding the right style for a home, office or commercial retailer, navigating the task is best done with a professional. That's why these long-time interior designers in Nashville, TN have earned solid reputations for establishing functional and beautiful spaces with hundreds of satisfied consumers. Here are the best of the best to explore locally.

J. Haynes Interiors

J. Haynes Interiors is headed up by JoAnne Haynes, who has years of design experience and close ties to some of the best resources and suppliers in the state. She and her teams specialize in renovating and decorating historic homes, making them a pivotal asset for owners seeking to reclaim or retain an authentic look of a landmark's original glory. Expect nothing

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Top Food Takeout and Delivery Options in Nashville, TNWhen going out and dining in isn't fitting into your plans, there are plenty of takeout and food delivery options available in Nashville, TN. However, there are some top restaurants that are favored by locals and visitors to discover throughout the city. Where are the best food delivery options in Nashville?

Southside Grill

Address: Southside Grill, 6601 Sugar Valley Drive #101, Nashville, TN 37211

As a family-owned Nashville restaurant that has been open for almost 40 years, Southside Grill is easily a local hub for great takeout. Recently, they made delivery available through Nashville Delivers and DoorDash for even greater convenience.

The fare here is predominantly American that has a heavy Greek influence, and the service is known for

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5 Advantages of Installing an In-Ground Pool in NashvilleInstalling an in-ground pool is an investment that homeowners should consider seriously before they buy. Though enjoyment and initial cost are important factors to consider, many people also consider how it could affect their resale value. In many regions, particularly warmer climates, a pool can add value to a home and help homeowners compete when they are ready to sell. With this list, homeowners will be able to identify the advantages of installing an in-ground pool in Nashville and learn tips on choosing a pool contractor.

Pools Help Compete on the Neighborhood Market

If almost every home in the neighborhood has a pool, that means other homes will need a pool to compete in the same market. Although homeowners tend to think first about home

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The Most Famous Nashville, TN CelebritiesGiven the fact that its nickname is Music City, it's not surprising that there are many celebrities who were born and raised in Nashville. In fact, many celebrities who were not born in the city have chosen this city as their new hometown. From the music industry to the film industry, there are many celebrities who call Nashville home. Who are the most well-known celebrities from Nashville, TN?

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is perhaps one of the most beloved Tennessee celebrities. While she was born in Sevierville, Tennessee, she spent more than 25 years living in Nashville as her country music career exploded into the national spotlight. Not only did Dolly Parton enjoy an iconic musical career, but she also made a name for herself as an actress.

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Top Coworking Spots in Nashville, Tennessee

Without a dedicated office, it can be quite difficult to get enough work done each day. Thankfully, it is possible to reserve one of the top coworking spots in Nashville, Tennessee, to always have a great place to work, so everyone can focus on completing their tasks to the best of their ability and by the deadline.


Address: WeWork,150 4th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37219

WeWork provides coworking spaces in Nashville on a monthly basis, including:

  • Shared workspaces
  • Personal desks
  • Private offices

They allow workers to reserve their spot online at any point and cancel whenever they need to halt the arrangement.

All the spaces are equipped with amenities that keep workers happy, healthy, and productive.

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Everything to Know About Different Types of New Home ConstructionBuilding a new construction home is one of the most rewarding things a homeowner can do. What many people don't realize until they get started choosing a builder is that there are actually three new home construction options to choose from. Knowing about the different types of home construction, including the benefits and disadvantages of each, can help you decide which type of home construction is right for you.


Production homes are built in bulk in home developments. Driving through a development like this, buyers will notice that all the homes are built similarly, though they don't all look the same. Buyers who choose homes in these areas have their choice of lot size, exterior siding and appearance, floor plan, whether to include a

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Thinking About Selling Your Home? Tips for Coping With StressSelling a home can be stressful. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid and manage stress during the home selling process. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with your stress can help you through the real estate transaction. Here's what you need to know.

Common Sources of Stress When Selling a Home

Every home selling experience is different, but sources of stress are shared from one selling experience to the next. Below are some of the most common sources of stress when selling a home.

Home Inspection Surprises

Home inspections can turn up problems with the house that can make selling difficult. Problems discovered when the home is in escrow can even lead to the deal falling through.

Negotiation Fails


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4 Must-See Dog Parks in Nashville, TN

Your dogs deserve the best you can give them, and that includes fun day trips to the dog park. When your dog needs to get their energy out or to spend time playing with other dogs, the dog park is the best place to take them. With so many parks around the city, however, it can be hard to choose the right one for your furry friend. Here is a list of 4 of the best dog parks in Nashville, TN, to check out the next time you want to play.

Stones River Dog Park

Address: Stones River Greenway, Nashville, TN 37214

For dogs and people with a taste for adventure, the Stones River Dog Park is a great trail for a long walk. This ten-mile trail connects Shelby Bottoms to the nearby Priest Lake, and the road is paved for easy walking. Walk along with your

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The Best Caterers in Nashville, TN

Cuisine, beverages and lavish deserts are the key to any successful event—large or small. Whether an engagement, wedding, baby shower or corporate gathering is on the agenda, employing a catering company can prove invaluable. Not only is the prep work done for you, but some companies provide full service, from tending to guest's needs to cleaning up after the event concludes. Here are some caterers in Nashville for your consideration.

Corner Market Catering

Address: Hillwood Shopping Center, 850 Hillwood Boulevard, Nashville, TN, 37209

The freshly prepared foods ready to go at Corner Market Catering are a hit even without an event on the calendar. This neighborhood spot offers healthy gourmet meals that can be picked up from the carry-out case

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4 Advantages of Starter HomesWhen someone gets ready to buy their first home, many people will recommend they purchase a starter home. The idea of a starter home only started fairly recently, and many people like the idea of going into their first home with the understanding that it won’t be the home they own for the rest of their life. Starter homes are typically homes that are smaller, less expensive, and don’t meet every single item on a buyer’s wish list. Home buyers who are on the fence about if their first home should be a starter home should seriously consider one. Here is what home buyers should know about starter homes.

Starter Homes Can Cost Less

First-time home buyers may not have the luxury of being able to save up for a home for decades. Because of this, many

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