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When looking for a wonderful new place to live most people take a number of different things into account. Things such as how safe a particular city is and the opportunities for employment are very practice things to consider, but it's also important to think about what types of leisure and entertainment activities there are in the area. When looking for real estate in the Nashville Tennessee area it will quickly become apparent that this city ranks high in every category.

The Nashville area hosts millions of tourists every year who come to see all the various attractions. Of course the most well known of these is the Grand Ole Opry. This historic music house is not only popular with tourists, but residence of the Nashville area love it to because the

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Many people don't like living in the crowed areas of a large city, even if that large city has the home town feel like Nashville Tennessee. Of course, the conveniences of living in or around a big city are virtually endless making it difficult for many people to choose where to live. Most people find that living in a subdivision of a large city offers all the benefits of the big city without the crowds and noise. There are dozens of beautiful subdivisions of Nashville Tennessee to choose from, one of which will be perfect for you.

If you're looking for an exclusive area with an Arnold Palmer designed gated golf course, many houses featured in the Parade of Homes, and much more than Brentwood is perfect for you. Located just south of Nashville it

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Ask anyone in Nashville why they're proud to live there and you're likely to receive a host of different answers, from the southern cookin' to the live entertainment to the friendly and culture-rich vibe that encompasses the city as a whole, but in the end there are 3 solid reasons above all why anyone should be proud to be a Nashvillean:

  • Handled the 2010 Flood Independently – You may not remember if you're a new Nashville resident, but in 2010 Nashville was hit by one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history when high tides combined with torrential downpours to make the Cumberland River overflow 13 feet beyond flood level and wreaking havoc across a large part of the city. Unfortunately, media coverage was limited at best, and for the
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Did you know that just a little less than a year ago, Forbes magazine ran a piece on the top 52 most populated cities in the entire USA and projected Nashville, Tennessee to rank as the 3rd best 'boom city'? That means that out of every major city in America, over the next 10 years Nashville is projected to cement its position as an economic stronghold through continued economic growth and smart development.

So, why does this matter to you as a home buyer? Well, to understand that question, you need to understand what makes Nashville such a great place to live in right now. It doesn't take much investigation to turn up the reason for the region's economic resilience – a 2008 regional study revealed that 50% of the entire population of the United States

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In a Harris Poll, Nashville tied for 7th Place nationally as the city where "most would like to live in or near to"

A new Harris poll finds that more people would like to live in or near New York City than any other city. San Diego is the second most popular city, followed by Las Vegas. The next most popular cities are Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, Denver and Boston. The Harris Poll has asked this question almost every year since 1997. New York has been the most popular city in every year except in 1998 when it placed second behind San Francisco.

This reflects the real estate market trends in Nashville TN as during the boom Nashville had a steady growth as apposed to some of the more popular parts of the country and post

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