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It's easy to find a great shopping district throughout the city of Nashville. However, once you're in the right place, how do you find the best stores to visit? Here's a list of some of the top and most unique stores in the Music City.

The Hip Zipper

The name says it all and this unique shop found at 1008 Forest Avenue is one of the best boutiques in the city. With funky vintage shoes, purses and more, you can find all the right accessories here.

Katy K's Ranch Dressing

Found at 2407 12th Avenue South, Katy K's Ranch Dressing isn't a place for salad dressing. The name is a bit misleading, but it's one of the most well known shops in the area. Find your next pair of boots, cowboy hat or a petticoat here, along with many other choices.

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Recently opened, the Johnny Cash Museum is one more thing every visitor and local to Nashville must add to their list. This museum is a celebration of the life of Johnny Cash and features a huge collection from founder, Bill Miller. Bill has collected everything he could find associated with Cash for many years and has opened this museum as a tribute to The Man in Black.

Items found in the museum include:

  • Historical documents and letters
  • Awards
  • Costumes
  • Instruments
  • A handwritten manuscript of Cash's last song ever written
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Records
  • And so much More!

With the help of friends, colleagues, family members and many others. Miller was able to bring this collection to the public. Not only can fans

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The Gulch is a distinct historical area known for the industrial influence with plenty to offer. Home to the original downtown railroad terminal, more than 100 trains have passed through The Gulch in the past century. This is now a hotspot for urbanites and provide a great blend of modern style with industrial background.

Many old warehouse spaces were converted into office space, upscale restaurants and even residential spaces. The vibrant nightlife provides young professionals the best of the big city right in their backyard.

If you're looking for a luxurious dining experience, the Watermark is the perfect choice. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide beautiful views, along with the elegant atmosphere found within the restaurant. With a southern-style

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In as much as Nashville can offer anyone relocating to the city a very low cost of living and very affordable housing there are still some highly exclusive neighborhoods in the city. At the Ashton Real Estate Group we wanted to share some of these with you today. This isn't in an effort to make you jealous of what other people have but to simply show you that Nashville can offer potential property owners properties of all sizes and values.

So on top of being the healthcare capital of the world, a major focal point for country and western music and offering people moving here a very warm and hospitable Nashville welcome what are the upper limits of property values in and around Nashville city?

Page Road
If you're interesting in acquiring a home on Page

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Nashville isn't quite the city most people expect it to be, which we always find a little amusing. In Nashville we know that we're world famous for our country and western music and the Grand Ole Opry and that's something we're proud of too. So in an effort to give you a flavor for the types and quality of real estate you'll find available in Nashville we wanted to pause and give you a quick guide to some of the more popular neighbors and suburbs in Nashville - just so you know exactly what you're missing.

Belle Meade

If you want to see those large Victorian and Georgian homes that are part of the history of the old South then Belle Meade is a suburb you'd love living in. The area itself was named after a large farm and homes in this area tend to be of

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Even though something like 70% of the people on planet Earth live within 150km of the ocean it's very rare that these same people get to enjoy a tropical climate. If you're living in the pacific northwest or the east coast of the United States for example you'll know what it's like to be able to count the number of days of sunshine on one hand maybe. You'll also have separated rain into several different categories - including the rain that seems to fall sideways.

The point we're making here is that because Nashville has what's called a humid subtropical climate you’re not going to have to deal with continuous and torrential downpours for most of each year. In fact what Nashville can offer you is a climate where you have 4 very distinct seasons so you

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You're already well aware that Nashville is famous for it's country music and that same music industry is responsible for pumping billions of dollars into the city's economy each year. The cultural beat of Nashville goes way beyond just the country music scene, even though that is at the heart of the city itself. Nashville enjoys a cultural diversity due in no small part to the vibrant music scene of the city but this diversity has seen Nashville rank #4 in the United States for its overall cultural vitality.

So what else can Nashville offer any lover of the arts?

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center deserves to get a special mention here because of its sheer size (with three theaters and taking up an entire city block) and the fact that it acts as

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The neighborhood with the only unobstructed view of the Tennessee State Capitol, North Capitol is a popular choice for residents and visitors. It's found in Downtown Nashville between the Cumberland River and 8th Avenue. The neighborhood used to be known for industry and was once called the Black Business District, but quite a bit has changed over the years.

What's more, the downtown area of Nashville bounds this neighborhood, starting from the edge of the Cumberland River and continuing to 8th Avenue and then extending south to Charlotte and north to Jefferson Avenue.

History of the North Capitol Neighborhood

The Sulphur Dell, the Market District, and the Black Business District are some of the former names that locals used to call the

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When looking for a wonderful new place to live most people take a number of different things into account. Things such as how safe a particular city is and the opportunities for employment are very practice things to consider, but it's also important to think about what types of leisure and entertainment activities there are in the area. When looking for real estate in the Nashville Tennessee area it will quickly become apparent that this city ranks high in every category.

The Nashville area hosts millions of tourists every year who come to see all the various attractions. Of course the most well known of these is the Grand Ole Opry. This historic music house is not only popular with tourists, but residence of the Nashville area love it to because the

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Many people don't like living in the crowed areas of a large city, even if that large city has the home town feel like Nashville Tennessee. Of course, the conveniences of living in or around a big city are virtually endless making it difficult for many people to choose where to live. Most people find that living in a subdivision of a large city offers all the benefits of the big city without the crowds and noise. There are dozens of beautiful subdivisions of Nashville Tennessee to choose from, one of which will be perfect for you.

If you're looking for an exclusive area with an Arnold Palmer designed gated golf course, many houses featured in the Parade of Homes, and much more than Brentwood is perfect for you. Located just south of Nashville it

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