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4 Myths About Millennial Home Buyers: Dissecting Fact From FictionOfficially considered a term that identifies individuals born between 1981 and 1997, millennials account for a large part of today's demographics. However, what many don't know is that they also represent a substantial amount of spending power and influence amid their local communities, be they in East Nashville or elsewhere. Perhaps this is why many millennial home buying myths such as the following still linger.

Myth #1: Millennials Prefer Renting Over Buying

For the fourth year in a row this age group are the top home buyers, with 34 percent of millennials currently owning homes. Some studies estimate that 90 percent of non-owning millennials surveyed expressed interest in buying a home in the future. Essentially, even this younger

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5 Ways to Create a Low-Stress Home Selling Process, Even With PetsSelling a home with pets requires some extra care to ensure the home meets buyer standards and that the process does not create undo stress for pets. These tips advise sellers how to minimize problems when selling and keep a home in show-ready condition, even when furry friends are living in their East Nashville homes.

1. Get Advice on Staging and Cleaning

People who live with pets have become accustomed to a certain degree of odors and messes. Even homeowners who generally keep their homes very clean might not notice how dog toys or a crate can create a visually-cluttered space for buyers to see. Objective advice is best, preferably from a real estate agent experienced in selling homes that have had pets. Sellers should make a checklist of

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Most Popular Roofing StylesHomeowners have more to choose from when it comes to roofing materials and styles than ever before. A wide range of roofing styles are now available and have become more affordable for the average homeowner. Learn more about these popular roofing styles found in homes and buildings in the United States today.

Hip Roof

The hip roof style forms a top ridge and all sides are sloped. A vent is often added along this ridge. This durable and sturdy styles is an asset for homes in areas with heavy snows and high winds. This style may include connecting wings with gables or dormers. A square building has a roof which is pointed at the top while rectangular buildings form a ridge. Hipped roofs are found on French Creole, French Provincial,

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Which Real Estate Investment Type Is Right for Me?People just starting to research real estate investment should understand that there are many options available. From the purchasing of land for different kinds of development or rental to participation in a trust, investors can decide which investment type is right for them.

Buying Land for Development and Sale

A lot of people get into real estate investment by buying a property, making some improvements and selling it at a profit as soon as it is ready. This form of investment is more commonly referred to as flipping. It is more popular in areas that are due for explosive growth, or in places with rapidly rising home values. Flipping houses is on the smaller end of this type, with the purchase and development of large commercial or

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Insulation Tips: Making Your Home More Energy EfficientIt's believed that 90 percent of homes in the United States are under insulated. Knowing how to tell if your home is under insulated and knowing what to do about it can help you take care of your property and stay more comfortable throughout the year.

How Can You Tell if Your Home Needs More Insulation?

There are many ways that you can tell whether or not your home is properly insulated. First, walk around your home without shoes or socks on. Touch the floors and walls. They should be relatively warm and dry. Keep in mind that some flooring materials will feel warmer than others, so don't fret if your carpeting feels warmer than your stone tiles.

Next, walk through each room and notice the temperature. Warm spots and cold spots are an

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