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Four Cutting Edge Building TrendsBig changes have been happening in the world of architecture and home building. In this article, we'll talk about materials that can improve efficiency around the home and make the house a more comfortable place to live.

Solar-Thermal Cladding

The solar activated facade is a cladding system that consists of prefabricated panels. Solar cladding deflects sun in summer and absorbs radiant energy in winter. This material stores heat at night to reduce interior heat loss and keep the home warmer as needed. At all times of the year, solar-thermal cladding helps keep your home more comfortable. Solar-thermal cladding is especially efficient in northern, cold-weather climates.

Self-Healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete is a type of concrete

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What to Do When Mold is Found in the HomeThere is no need to for immediate panic if you have found mold in your home. In fact, many homes have mold in them. If there is mold in a home, the best thing to do is follow specific guidelines and ensure that the right steps are taken.

Get the Home Tested and Identify the Mold

There are a lot of different types of mold that can occur naturally in a home. There are some that really need to be worried about in the home and others can be easily removed. The best way to determine the type of mold and how much there is would be to have it tested by a trained mold tester n the area. These testers are usually engineers who can give a home a thorough inspection and can determine the type of mold. You do not want to clean up any mold in the home

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Holiday Events in Nashville 2017From holiday lights to parades, the ballet to live musical performances, you’ll find plenty of events happening in the Nashville area to celebrate the 2017 holiday season.

Nov 17-Dec 31

It’s all about the twinkle of lights to kick off the holiday season this year. The fun includes the Dancing Lights of Christmas, on display at the James E Ward Agricultural Center. The annual light show synchronizes with music on the radio, open nightly through the end of the year in nearby Lebanon.

Nov 24-Dec 23

Take a peaceful stroll through the Mansion at Fontanel, when Christmas at the Mansion debuts with dozens of Christmas trees this holiday season. The event also provides the opportunity to enjoy the mansion itself, along with a festive beverage, all

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Hendersonville Every Nashville-area home buyer has his or her own wish list, but for many, outdoor space plays a big role in what home feels like the right fit, especially once you get outside of the city and into some of Nashville's suburbs—like Hendersonville for example. So for prospective home buyers in search of lots of outdoor space, four Hendersonville subdivisions come to mind that provide exactly that:


The Wynbrooke subdivision allows for large homes and spacious lots. This enjoyable community was built up starting in the early 2000s, close to the tranquility of Old Hickory Lake.

Cumberland Place

Also close to an area park and natural attractions, Cumberland Place provides an ideal setting for those in search of plentiful outdoor space.

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