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How to Handle Unpermitted Work in the HomeThere are many ways to get work done on a house, and not every seller is focused on doing this work the correct way. They may cut corners, simply because they do not want to spend the money on a contractor. Or they may just want to do the work themselves so they can get it completed quickly. No matter what, though, there are some types of work that need a permit to complete whether the seller does the work themselves or hires someone else. If the seller of a house didn't get a permit to do the work, the buyer may find that there are problems that they have to take care of after they purchase the house. Rather than take that risk, buyers should check into unpermitted work before they make their purchase.

What Kinds of Work Require a Permit?


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How to Plan for Private Mortgage InsurancePeople who put a down payment on a home of less than 20 percent are typically expected to pay private mortgage insurance. With an understanding of the reasons for private mortgage insurance and the average costs, buyers can better prepare for their PMI obligations.

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance?

Buyers who have a significant stake in the equity of the home are, in many lenders' eyes, more likely to make their mortgage payments on time. However, demanding a 20 percent down payment is an onerous obligation for a lot of buyers, especially those seeking a first home. In many areas, such regulations make it harder to ensure a healthy real estate market. As a result, lenders have adjusted their requirements to make some accommodations to

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Addressing Pest Problems When Selling Your HomeUnless people are looking for a fixer upper and looking to snap up a low-cost home, the average homebuyer wants to visit a potential home and envision themselves living there with few, if any, repairs. Many desire move-in ready condition and their ideal space does not generally include cockroaches, termites, water bugs, rodents or other pests. When a potential homebuyer is looking for a home, signs of a pest problem can be a huge turnoff. It can take longer to sell a home and get full value for it when it is infested with pests.

Understand why earlier is better when it comes to taking care of a pest problem in your home.

How Long Will It Take to Sell Your Home?

Unless your home is in tip-top shape, it can take more time than anticipated to

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