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Nashville Gate Communities With your choice of multi-million dollar homes, complete with such extras as wine cellars and home theatres, Nashville’s most prestigious gated communities serve up some of the area’s most spectacular, upscale properties. And if you happen to be someone who is currently in the market for a home inside one of Nashville's top gated communities, here's a quick look at where you may want to begin your search:


Some of those homes are found in exclusive Northumerland, a guard gated community with exceptional homes and properties. These upscale residences often include ultra-luxurious features and finishes ranging from private courtyards to spa-like baths. It’s also common to find things such as wine cellars, home theatres, gourmet kitchens

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Nashville Condo Buildings with the Best AmenitiesFrom luxurious swimming pools to on-site dining, retail and fitness centers, some of Nashville’s most coveted condo buildings are recognizable by their top-rated amenities.

The Viridian

Some of the best amenities can be found at The Viridian, one of Downtown Nashville’s newest condo towers. This luxury building offers a large rooftop swimming pool and a fitness center, along with a 24-hour concierge. As well, the high-rise also supplies the luxury of floor-to-ceiling windows, serving up some of the best views of surrounding Nashville.

The 31-story building overlooks the city’s central business district, including the choice of one- and two-bedroom floor plans or a penthouse unit, with high ceilings and open floor plans. In addition, the homes come

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Hidden Costs of Putting a Home Up For SaleListing a home can be much more costly than many homeowners realize. Many of the costs incurred during a home sale happen at the end, when money is exchanged and the property changes hands.

Maintenance, Staging and Curb Appeal

These costs, which can range from tens to thousands of dollars, are sometimes optional. However, homeowners who fail to update their home before putting it on the market may see lower bids than homeowners who stage their property. It can be hard to decide what needs to be done to a home before putting it on the market.

Priority items typically include:

  • Deferred maintenance: Make repairs that you've been putting off. A broken air conditioner, cracked windows or other glaring maintenance issues can lead to lower
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Can Solar Panels Help You Sell Your Home?Everyone wants to save money, right? And most people are concerned about the future of energy—and the future of the planet.

The move to solar as a source of energy to power your Nashville home and reduce your monthly bills makes a lot of sense. After all, the cost to install solar panels has dropped substantially in the the last five years, making it a much more feasible investment for homeowners. In many areas, the option to return excess power to the grid for credit, termed net metering, is an added incentive.

But will solar panels add value to your property? Will they help attract buyers, and will those buyers pay a premium for the panels on your roof? The short answer to those questions is "yes," according to numerous studies.


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Developers are planning to make a few modifications to the new mixed-use development being planned along Dickerson Pike, which include adding twice as many residential units and adding even more commercial space than originally planned.

According to a new report from the Tennessean, developer Strategic Options International LLC is now hoping to build 95 new condo flats and raise the height of the building from three stories to four stories, which is a pretty big shift from the originally project scope that involved 22 townhouses and just 28 condo flats.

The initial plan also called for just 1,600 square feet of commercial space on the ground level near Cleveland Street and Dickerson Pike, but now the revised plan is calling for 2,500 square feet of

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What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Vacation HomeBuying a vacation home is quite different than buying a primary residence, since you do not plan to live in it all the time. However, you may want to look for these five aspects to ensure that you are satisfied with the property and can protect your investment.

1. Close to Amenities

Some people love to take a vacation in a cabin that is out in the woods, far from neighbors and tourist crowds. This isolation could also get tiresome after a while. Most vacation home buyers typically want a location that is a little more busy. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your vacation home each year, you may need access to a gas station and a small grocery store without driving a great distance. At the least, you should find out how long it will take

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How to Make Land Sales More Appealing to BuyersA somewhat surprising fact about selling real estate is that it can be far more difficult to find a buyer for a piece of vacant land than it is for most types of existing homes. The reasons for this are many, but often they are related to either the location of the land or the amount of work or expense that might be necessary to improve vacant land for a specific usage.

In recent years, however, a combination of extremely low interest rates on savings accounts coupled with fluctuations in the stock market have helped to increase interest in the purchase of land as part of an investment strategy. These conditions may seem negative, but they can be good news for land owners. If you currently own vacant property that you would like to sell, the

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