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Property Taxes and How They Influence Home BuyingPurchasing a home is no small task, and between closing costs, down payments, and monthly mortgage expenses, it might seem that buying a new home costs more than you thought. Anyone who has owned a home for a while knows that the list of expenses never really goes away, and there’s one important item to remember even when your Spring Hill home is paid off and all repairs are complete: property taxes.

The How And Why

Even if a person owns their home outright, they still technically don’t own the land it's on without ever having to make a payment to their local government. Property taxes in the United States date back to colonial times, in which colonials made payments to the King of England for the use of the land.

In today’s context,

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Hermitage TN New Construction Two new subdivisions are currently in the works for suburban Hermitage, which sits about a half hour east of Nashville, and with rezoning applications already approved, ground work and construction could be starting sooner rather than later. 

According to a new report from The Tennessean, Craighead Development and Ole South Properties will be wrapping up the acquisition of a 285-acre site at 4020 Hickory Hill Lane, which will be used to develop a new 500-unit single-family home community that will target active adults ages 55 and over. 

Atlanta-based Beazer Homes is also planning a new 289-home community called Magnolia Farms in Hermitage that will feature both single-family homes and villa-style homes, and that new development will be located on a

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Tips to Make Your Home Showing Appeal to BuyersAfter fixing up the home and putting it on the market, it’s now time to get ready to show it off to every interested buyer. Here are six easy-to-follow tips that can help improve any home showing so buyers can focus on your Murfreesboro home’s best features.

1. Remember Curb Appeal

The outside of the home is the first thing all buyers will see when they come to visit it. Put the home’s best foot forward and keep the lawn nicely trimmed and the gardens neat and tidy. Even a little landscaping can go a long way when it comes to making a home inviting.

2. Hide the Pets

No one wants to walk into a home only to have an excited dog jump on them. To make visitors more comfortable, consider taking pets to a kennel for a few days until the

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Nashville Real Estate Market Update: June 2017While the housing market throughout Middle Tennessee staying hot is hardly a shocking headline at this point, the Nashville area as a whole posting the strongest second quarter on record is certainly considered newsworthy.

Anytime there is a record-setting stretch of home sales and closings, home buyers, home sellers, and industry professionals alike will of course all take notice. But what’s particularly significant about the second quarter is that it happens to fall right around the time when the housing market is traditionally at its busiest, so the numbers are even more eye-popping than you might expect.

According to new data from the Greater Nashville REALTORS®,  3887 homes were sold last month, bringing the finally tally of second-quarter

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All About the USDA Home Loan for Rural Home BuyersThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers a wide array of loan programs aimed at promoting development in rural areas, including single- and multi-family housing programs, community facilities, and rural business-cooperative services. As a homebuyer, the USDA's single-family home loan program works to guarantee home loans and, in some cases, makes direct loans for the purchase of homes and property. If you are interested in pursuing a USDA loan, be it in Goodlettsville or elsewhere, be sure to explore the following loan options.

Single-Family Housing: Direct Home Loans

Known as the Section 502 Direct Loan Program, this USDA program provides payment assistance to low-income families. The payment assistance subsidy reduces

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A new report from Wisconsin-based ABODO is showing Nashville rent prices have seen one of the sharpest declines in the country, with the average price for a one-bedroom apartment in town dropping by 3.1% over the first half of 2017. 

At first, it might seem hard to believe that any housing category in Nashville could be seeing a drop in price given it’s one of the hottest markets anywhere right now, but with more and more apartments being built all over the Nashville area, inventory has finally become saturated, and the 3.1% price decline now represents the third-largest in the U.S. 

As pointed out by The Tennessean, a whopping 16,000 apartment units are currently under construction in the Nashville area, and an additional 10,000 more units are also

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Pricing a Home to Sell QuicklySelling a Nashville home is almost always a good thing - it means moving on to a property with better space, finally getting that dream house, and maybe even making a lot of money in the process. When it comes time to make the decision to sell, estimating how much profit you can make typically has a large influence over the asking price that's determined. Yet the concepts of asking price and selling price can be more complex than just picking a number. Let's find out why.

Creating A Plan

The asking price of a home is more important than people might realize; not only does it determine a baseline for who might be interested in the home, but more importantly it sends a message about the home's value and worth. Also referred to as the listing

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Buying a Fixer Upper with a 203k LoanHome buyers have it tough in today's real estate market. With many industry sources calling it "the strongest seller's market ever", finding a home that fits all the buyer's needs and desires is harder than ever. Even when buyers are lucky enough to find a home they love, they may not be able to get their purchase offer accepted due to fierce competition from other buyers who are willing to pay a premium or waive important contingencies to get their purchase offers accepted, and they may not be approved for a traditional mortgage to buy their ideal home. However, buyers who are worried about finding a home in their price range and getting their offer accepted may have a secret weapon at their disposal: The 203k FHA home loan. 

Understanding the

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Fairvue Plantation Gallatin TNFor much of 2017, and even most of last year for that matter, a strong lack of inventory has been one of the primary issues facing the Nashville area real estate market, consequently driving home prices up and even limiting sales to some degree.

For just about every housing category, supply continues to dwindle as more and more people move to middle Tennessee, and that’s especially the case when it comes to condos and just about anything new construction.

But if you’re in the market for a single-family home and don’t mind living a bit further outside of Nashville, inventory in Gallatin’s Fairvue Plantation neighborhood seems as strong as ever right now, giving potential buyers plenty of options to consider and perhaps even a deal or two be had as

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While Nashville home prices have been steadily increasing for what feels like forever now, recently released numbers from the Greater Nashville REALTORS now show the median price for a single-family home in the area just made its biggest jump ever.

What’s being labeled as the largest annual leap in history of Nashville real estate, the median price for a single-family home in Nashville reached $294,000 back in June, which represents a jaw-dropping $34,000 surge compared to June 2016.

According to the same data from the Greater Nashville REALTORS, housing supply in Nashville has also dropped 10 percent compares to this same time last year, which combined with more and more people moving to the area are easily the two biggest factors in the recent median

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