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Property Taxes and How They Influence Home BuyingPurchasing a home is no small task, and between closing costs, down payments, and monthly mortgage expenses, it might seem that buying a new home costs more than you thought. Anyone who has owned a home for a while knows that the list of expenses never really goes away, and there’s one important item to remember even when your Spring Hill home is paid off and all repairs are complete: property taxes.

The How And Why

Even if a person owns their home outright, they still technically don’t own the land it's on without ever having to make a payment to their local government. Property taxes in the United States date back to colonial times, in which colonials made payments to the King of England for the use of the land.

In today’s context,

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Pricing a Home to Sell QuicklySelling a Nashville home is almost always a good thing - it means moving on to a property with better space, finally getting that dream house, and maybe even making a lot of money in the process. When it comes time to make the decision to sell, estimating how much profit you can make typically has a large influence over the asking price that's determined. Yet the concepts of asking price and selling price can be more complex than just picking a number. Let's find out why.

Creating A Plan

The asking price of a home is more important than people might realize; not only does it determine a baseline for who might be interested in the home, but more importantly it sends a message about the home's value and worth. Also referred to as the listing

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