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History of Mortgages Financing a home with a long-term mortgage is the most common way to buy a home in America, but a surprisingly large percentage of homeowners own their homes outright. Interest rates seesaw up and down, and home prices tend to appreciate over time. As long as owners are able to make the required monthly payments, all seems okay. But how has this system evolved over the years?

In decades past, prospective buyers who couldn't pay cash for a home commonly saved for a 50 percent down payment, and then secured a loan for the balance, with a balloon payment due anywhere from one to five years later.

Between 1931 and 1935, during the Great Depression, a quarter of a million people lost their homes each year. Then President Roosevelt stepped in to

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Showing Rental Property If you are a landlord who has decided that it is time to cash in on one of your rental properties, then you likely face the common issue of selling a tenant-occupied home.

Opening the home to a variety of real estate agents and prospective buyers is undoubtedly an inconvenience to tenants, especially since they are not related to this real estate transaction and are facing the stress of moving out in the near future.

Tenants, as opposed to owner-occupants, have nothing to gain from the sale and can sometimes be reluctant to let showings happen. Nevertheless, it is important to cooperate with tenants and keep them informed about showings. After all, without consent for showings, selling becomes difficult. How can your listing agent and other

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Classic Home for Sale If you are the owner of an older home, you already know that there are many benefits to living in one of these classic beauties. Higher ceilings, beautiful wood work, and larger room sizes are just a few of the features that older homes are famous for.

But when trying to compete with newer, more modern homes on the real estate market, older home owners may find that prospective buyers seem to be drawn to the cleaner, simpler lines and more open interiors of a more modern home.

The good news is that there are some steps owners of older homes in communities such as Hendersonville can take to freshen and revitalize the interiors of their homes to make them compete more favorably with newer construction home without sacrificing their charm. 

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