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How to sell a home with kids Selling your home under any circumstances can be stressful. But selling a home with kids can potentially bring about an entire level of stress you never thought possible. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. You just need to implement some kid-friendly steps that will make selling your home with kids a breeze.

Here are five steps that will take some of the stress out of selling a home with kids.

1. Have the Talk

No matter what age kids you have, talking with them and including them in your plans is critical to their acceptance and cooperation when it comes to selling your home. Most kids don't like change. It could mean them losing their friends, starting at a new school and a whole other realm of insecurities that might seem

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Should You Get a Second Mortgage While getting a mortgage to buy a home is fairly common, reasons to get a second mortgage may be less obvious. Home buyers and existing homeowners often use a second mortgage to finance a home purchase, home improvements, pay-down credit card debt or to purchase things they need.

Second mortgages are as important consideration than primary mortgages. The understanding of the finer points, from liability to interest rates, helps a borrower to make a practical decision regarding second mortgages.

Have questions about your mortgage? Always consult with your mortgage lender for advice specific to your needs.

1. Why Get a Second Mortgage?

Simply put, a second mortgage is a loan secured by the home that is secondary to the primary mortgage.

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