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In 2014 Tom Morales and his partners opened the Acme Feed & Seed. It’s atmosphere celebrates Nashville’s past, present and future. The Acme Feed & Seed includes 22,000 square foot of drinking, dining shopping and entertainment for you to choose from.

Acme Feed & Seed History

In 1890 JR Whitemore built the three-story Acme building. Currey L. Turner moved his feed store into the building in 1943 and then in 1965 he changed the name from Acme Feed and Hatchery to Acme Farm Supply.

Many memories were made for families across mid-Tennessee. Acme was known for their annual “Purina Jamborees” and other promotions. Saturdays were host to free “dog dipping” to treat the family pet for fleas.

After 91 years, Acme Farm Supply closed their doors. The

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Giving or volunteering your time to help someone who is in need can be so rewarding. The Nashville/Tennessee area has a multitude of non-profit organizations and charities. Here are some of the  organizations based in this area.


Al Thomas and his wife began 12Giving, because they wanted to integrate a way of giving back through the businesses that they own. Currently, they own the Sperry’s Restaurant and co-own Sam’s Sports Grill. There charitable accomplishments began locally, and the Thomas’s hoped it would continue to advance across the nation.

The concept of 12Giving, is for local restaurants choose a menu item, and give the revenue off that item to a designate a charity. The menu item and charity would change each month. This is

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The Society for Marketing Professional Services Nashville chapter, also known as SMPS, has big plans for this years Nashville mayoral election. SMPS will hold a council meeting with the contenders competing to be Nashville’s mayor. This gathering will be supported by the Messer Construction Company. It will be held at City Winery on Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

Every year, SMPS’s January gathering is focused on the Mayor’s intentions for expansion and advancement of Nashville. However, according to the president of SMPS, Johnathan Holmes, it has been decided that this year's gathering be focused on the mayoral contenders. This will give the contenders time to present future plans with the council leaders in architecture, engineering and

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