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If you’ve ever seen one of Nashville’s Fourth of July fireworks extravaganzas, you know it’s a truly amazing experience. This year’s display will be the biggest in the city’s history, lasting 27 minutes and filling the downtown sky with more than 30,000 pops of color. And it wouldn’t be Music City without a soundtrack, which is why the entire display is set to a live performance by the Nashville Symphony.

Witnessing this breathtaking event is a no-brainer, but finding just the right spot to take it all in can be a little tricky. Below are some of the best places to experience Music City’s Independence Day fireworks spectacular.

If you missed the can watch it in this amazing video taken from a drone. Click HERE


Riverfront Park

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Guitar ShopEvery time you want a new instrument, you need a new guitar pic, or you need some new cables – what do you do? You rush to the local Guitar Center for everything. Going to Guitar Center gets old and boring. After a while, you run out of new music gear to look at and purchase if you always go to the same store. Here are some other stores in Nashville where you can get your music gear.

Fork’s Drum Closet - 2701 12th Avenue South, Nashville

Fork's Drum Closet is open every day of the week but Sunday. The shop was opened by a man named Gary Forkum in 1982 after he worked at a shop called Corner Music for years. What is interesting is the fact that he opened the store right next to Corner Music which is right next to another music shop. Nashvillians can

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Amusement ParkFor a very long time Opryland Theme Park was considered to be the best amusement park near Nashville. Since its demise, the people of Nashville have struggled to find another amusement park to take its place. Here are some of the worthwhile amusement parks near Nashville for you to take your family to this year.

Southern Adventures - Huntsville, Alabama

Southern Adventures is just two hours and fifteen minutes away from Nashville. The water park is what draws people to this particular amusement park. The park also features several carnival themed games and rides. This is the perfect amusement park if you live in Nashville and you plan on taking a trip to Huntsville.

Holiday World – Santa Claus, Indiana

Holiday World is a three hour drive from

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Image Credit: you are on a gluten-free diet by choice or for medical reasons, most people feel like it is easier to enjoy a meal at home. After all, it is not like you can go to a nearby McDonald's or Wendy's and order anything off of their menu. In Nashville, being on a strict gluten-free diet does not mean you have to eat at home. Here are some dining establishments that offer gluten-free dishes in Nashville.

A Matter of Taste - 2401 B Franklin Road, Nashville

A Matter of Taste is the name of a dining establishment that is owned by someone who is allergic to gluten. The owner knows how hard it can be to find decent dining establishments that offer gluten-free dishes. The owner of this establishment takes great pride in providing individuals who cannot

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RestaurantDate nights, business meetings, birthday parties, and girl's nights – there is a dining establishment for everything in Nashville. These are some of the best dining establishments throughout Nashville for various occasions.

The Treehouse - 1011 Clearview Avenue, Nashville

The Treehouse is a popular dining spot because it doubles as both a restaurant and a bar. The Treehouse is so popular that you will need to bring three or more people with you if you want to place a reservation.

Margot - 1017 Woodland Street, Nashville

You can enjoy rustic Italian and French cuisine at Margot Café & Bar. The menu of this dining establishment focuses on the Provence and Tuscany regions. Margot changes menus on a daily basis. They provide frequent diners with

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Happy Father's DayYour father means the world to you. You want every Father's Day to be a day your father cherishes forever. Nashville offers some of the best spots to take your father for a Father's Day experience he will remember forever.

Satisfying Steaks for Real Men

There is something about biting into a juicy steak that makes a man feel manlier. Take your father on a dinner date for two to one of the best steakhouses in all of Nashville.  Some of the best and unique steakhouses in Nashville are:

  • Bob's Steak & Chop House - 250 5th Avenue, South Nashville
  • Demo's Steak & Spaghetti House - 300 Commerce Street, Nashville
  • Jimmy Kelly's - 217 Louise Avenue, Nashville

Soak up Some History

If your dad is a bit of a history buff, take him to one of the many

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