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Moving is stressful and means you have to adjust to a new area. If you're moving to Nashville in the near future or you just arrived, joining a club or organization is a great way to adjust. Here are some of the best choices to help you get involved.

Brentwood Woman's Club

This is a club consisting of volunteer women. They work on projects throughout the community to help improve the area.

Brazilian Studies Association

BRASA is a group of scholars working to promote Brazilian studies. It's made up of many different individuals and provides a great place for those interested in Brazilian studies.

Percy Priest Yacht Club

This is a great place for those enjoying sailing. They provide a weekly Wednesday night Regatta and a great place for anybody

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The holiday season is very busy. Residents in Nashville spend more money during this type of year at bars and restaurants than any other time of the year. It's also a popular time to attend an event throughout the city.

This holiday season, make sure you get home safely with the Tow to Go program. This is a program put in place by the AAA Auto Club South, the Highway Safety Office and Budweiser. The program allows those in need of a ride home to get both a ride and a tow for their vehicle. Instead of taking the chance and driving under the influence, you have a better choice this year.

About Tow to Go

The program was created in 1998 and has helped over 20,000 potential intoxicated drivers get home without causing an accident. The service is

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Sometimes it's not the thick steak or the skewer of shrimp that draw you to a restaurant. Of course, the entree is great, but what about the side dishes? Have you ever gone to a restaurant because they were known for the best French fries or the best hot sauce? Here are some of the best non-entree choices in Nashville.

Best Hot Sauce

The Further Farms' Scorpion Stone sauce is the best hot sauce found in the city. It includes tequila, pomegranate juice and the Trinidad Moruga scorpion pepper. It has more flavor than the ghost pepper, but it's still very hot. If you want to enjoy this sauce, you better be ready for the tears to drip out of your eyeballs.

Best Croissants

El Nuevo Dia serves the best croissants, which are certainly not an entree.

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When you're considering moving, it's nice to understand which communities are located within the new city. Nashville is full of great communities and surrounded by excellent suburbs. Here's a short introduction to some of the Metro Nashville communities.

  • Bellevue - Located in the southwestern part of Davidson County
  • Bordeaux and White's Creek - This is a northwestern community known as an older suburban development.
  • Downtown Nashville - A vibrant area found in the middle of the city, downtown is a very popular place for younger residents.
  • East Nashville - Found to the east of downtown, this area is most known as one of the best areas in the city.
  • Green Hills and Midtown - A southern area of Davidson County, Green Hills and Midtown are known
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When I moved to Nashville from Savannah over a year ago, I was immediately impressed by the restaurant scene.  While Savannah had historic charm and coastal/Southern cuisine, Nashville and its surrounding area proved to be a mecca for incredible dining, from upscale to dives.  I think it has a lot to do with the eclectic mix of natives and transplants that flock to the city.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, here are a few of my favorites on the Nashville scene.  Naming anything as “best” in Nashville always proves to be contentious (ex: get people in a debate about the best hot chicken), but my taste buds haven’t steered me wrong yet.

Best Burger:  Burger Republic, in Lenox Village.  What, you were expecting The Pharmacy in East

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ChurchOne of the hardest parts about moving from one city to another is leaving your church community. The unknown can be very stressful and finding a new church home can help provide a great stress reliever. Here are some of the top churches found throughout the city.

Christ Church Nashville

Found on Old Hickory Boulevard, this is a wholehearted church devoted to Jesus Christ.

Fellowship Bible Church

Located on Franklin Road, this is a worshipping community established in the late 1990s. The congregation is a bit younger and includes many prayer groups.

Inglewood Baptist Church

This Inglewood church is known as one of the most vibrant Baptist churches in the area. It was established in 1924 and provides a rich history and includes many different

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There's plenty happening throughout the holiday season in Nashville. It won't be hard to find an event to attend, but it might be hard to narrow your list down to just a few. Here are some of the top events for the holidays.

Christmas Lights

If you love viewing Christmas lights throughout the season, you need to know the best place to go. Top choices for lights include:

  • Chad's Winter Wonderland - This is known as the largest Christmas light display in the county with over 2 million lights. It's held over an eight acre drive through area located at 791 East Old LaGuardo Road in Lebanon, Tennessee.
  • Christmas Wonderland - This light display is found in the Music Valley and provide a computerized LED light and music show. It's a one of a kind show
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Shoppers in Nashville are so happy to hear that both The Mall at Green Hills and Cool Springs Galleria will expand soon. They both announced plans for expansion recently, which means more stores for the top shopping destinations.

Cool Springs Galleria Expansion

Approval was recently granted to Cool Springs Galleria to add nearly 74,000 square feet to the current mall. This will include unattached retail buildings and construction is expected to start in early 2014.

After the initial phase has been completed, another 53,000 square feet will be added with three stand-alone buildings. These are expected to be added over the summer of 2014.

The final phase of this project will add another 10,000 square feet to the mall near Macy's. However, this final

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Cup of CoffeeWhen you take the typical social lubricants, such as wine, beer and liquor out of the equation, two of the most popular social beverages remain. Coffee and Tea have become a regular part of the social scene for business professionals, students, moms, dads, teenagers and just about anybody old enough to enjoy these beverages. Here are the best places for coffee and tea throughout Nashville.


Crema is one of the hottest coffeehouses in the city and provides a variety of delicious coffee beverages. They roast their own beans and actually call themselves a "coffee brewtique." They placed at the Roasters Choice and Brewers Cup competitions in the past and have received many other awards. Crema is actually the first Nashville coffeehouse to ever

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