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The real estate market of Nashville, Tennessee has been doing quite well in recent months, regardless of the struggling economy. With average listing prices at about $329,445 and median sales prices at $157,500, the prices remain at the average for the country. While the prices in the northeast are exceptionally high, the highest in the country, those in Nashville have remained on the lower side. Still, even with the lower prices, the number of homes for sale is up. As of the week of June 20 of 2012, there was a recent sales listing of 3,763 and the number of homes still for sale was 3,892. Based on these numbers, it’s easy to see that the real estate market for Nashville, Tennessee is doing significantly well.

The most popular neighborhoods in

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Currently, in the Nashville, Tennessee real estate market, the average price per square foot is $123, this is 7% higher than the average pricing on square footage last year. Between March 12th and May 12th of this year, the median sales price for homes was $154,000. This median was measure out of 1,369 sales, and was up 1.3% or #2,000 from a year ago. The total number of homes sold, though, was down a whopping 18.7%.

Right now, there are 3,955 homes on the market including both resale and new homes. 91 of these homes for sale are currently being shown in open houses, and 680 of them are going through one of the many foreclosure stages.

For the week that ended on June 13th, the average listing price for homes listed on the market in Nashville,

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An increasing number of renters in Nashville, Tennessee, are looking into becoming buyers once again, as average rents in the city hit an all-time high of $816 per month at the end of June.

In light of the recent foreclosure crisis, rising rents were expected. However, with the median sales price of homes in Nashville, Tennessee, also rising substantially this year (to an average $182,000 in June), many renters are feeling shocked and upset that rents are continuing to spiral upwards.

Rental rates in Nashville jumped by 3.3% during the period from April to June, compared to January to March of this year, following a 12-month period over 2011 in which rents stayed more or less flat at around $790 a month.

Such is the rise in rental prices that many

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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville has just completed the construction of its 500thnew home in the Greater Nashville area, lending yet more weight to the argument that affordable, ‘eco-friendly’ homes are becoming something of a highly desirable niche market in the city.

No building company has completed as many energy-saving, LEED-certified homes in the state of Tennessee, something that Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville is inherently proud of. The company, which is recognized as the 18th largest homebuilder in the Nashville area, focuses exclusively on the construction of high quality, affordable homes for low-income families across the state.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville homes are highly prized, for the exceptional savings

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Summit Hotel Properties, Inc., has just completed the acquisition of the 83-room Hampton Inn & Suites in Nashville, Tennessee, for a total $8 million. The deal represents Summit Hotel Properties’ eleventh hotel acquisition since its IPO on February 2011.

Hampton Inn & Suites is one of the most exclusive hotel properties in downtown Nashville, offering a whole host of conveniences and luxury amenities for guests wishing to stay in the heart of Music City. Located at 310 4th Avenue South, he hotel offers its guests a variety of clean and spacious rooms, including standard guest rooms and exclusive suites. In-room amenities include high speed Wi-Fi internet connections, flat screen TVs and alarm clock/radios, as well as the super-comfy Hampton bed™ which you

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Chicken is an all-time favorite food for people across the globe, but in Nashville, Tennessee, they take their love for this flightless bird to a whole new level by celebrating the city’s annual Hot Chicken Festival. The event, held each July, has met with success for six years in a row, and is intended to raise funds for “Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms”.

Last week’s event saw Bill Purcell, the former Nashville mayor and founder of the special event, kick things off with a parade of antique fire trucks down Woodland Street. Later in the afternoon, hot chicken vendors filled the field selling various preparations of the tasty fowl, catfish, hot dogs, and snow cones. Even with the sun still shining hot and bright, festival goers chose to brave the

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The Music City has tons of great events planned every single year, and one of the most anticipated on these is the Parks and Recreation Month, wherein Davidson County residents are encouraged to participate in their hundreds. The Metro’s Parks Department prepares an assortment of activities and programs which have been specially designed to promote plus maintain healthy lifestyles and communities.

Metro’s 108 parks encompass a total land area nearing some 12,000 acres, which is more than enough space needed to host the increasing range of programs in which residents will be joining. These include dozens of fun outdoor events such as picnics, golfing, horseback riding, ball games, swimming, exploring historic sites, and many more.

Tommy Lynch,

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Federal grants are highly sought after commodities – sometimes the only thing that keeps a business up and running is the free money given in the form of a grant from the government. In recent news, a farm located south of Franklin, proximate to the West Harpeth community, was given an $8,214 federal grant – the money is to be used for purchasing and installing solar array panels.

According to Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Agriculture Secretary, 450 projects across the nation, including 22 projects in Tennessee, are to receive a total of $7.4 million in energy grants. The monetary funding will be dispersed through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), and is authorized by the 2008 farm bill.

One of the 450 grants is to be received by Spring Creek Farm, a

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Little Hamilton, the DIY warehouse venue which saw a variety of talented punk and rock bands entertain Nashville residents for over four years, is all set for a comeback after closing down just two months ago.

Having been forced to shut down due to what were described as ‘toxic conditions, and flooding issues’, the owners of Little Hamilton have announced plans to open up another music venue encompassing the same spirit in a different part of the town.

To be known as the “The Owl Farm”, the new establishment hopes to reclaim its crown as Nashville’s leading music and performance art space for punk and hardcore bands, playing songs suitable for all-ages. In addition, presentations for plays, poetry readings, plus other gigs will be held as well.

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When looking for a wonderful new place to live most people take a number of different things into account. Things such as how safe a particular city is and the opportunities for employment are very practice things to consider, but it's also important to think about what types of leisure and entertainment activities there are in the area. When looking for real estate in the Nashville Tennessee area it will quickly become apparent that this city ranks high in every category.

The Nashville area hosts millions of tourists every year who come to see all the various attractions. Of course the most well known of these is the Grand Ole Opry. This historic music house is not only popular with tourists, but residence of the Nashville area love it to because the

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