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Over the past several years virtually every city in the nation has been hit hard by the recession and housing market collapse. While Nashville was no exception, people considering moving to this beautiful city won't be surprised to hear that its housing market is recovering much more quickly than most other cities. Since 2011 the home prices have leveled off and and home sales have begun to slowly increase due to many factors.

Nashville is the perfect combination of  a big city with the charm and kindness so well known in Southern towns. The job market in the area has been growing at a much faster pace than other cities in the state which has made it a very attractive location for many individuals who are relocating for work. As more and more people are

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The average price per square foot in Nashville Tennessee for May 2012 was $103. This was down 14.2% when compared to May 2011. The median sale price of homes the period starting February 2012 and ending April 2012 was $142,500 for 409 home sales. This was down 5% from the previous year, which comes to being a total of $7,500 lower. This is most likely due to the huge drop in home sales, which decreased by a whopping 72.8%. There are currently a lot of homes on the market, though, with the total being 3,935, so there certainly is no shortage of homes available for purchase.

For the week that ended on June 6th, 2012, the average listing price for a home for sale in Nashville, Tennessee was $316,626. This was one-tenth of a percent higher than the previous

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On April 5th, 2012, Bluerock Real Estate, LLC acquired the Grove at Waterford Apartments in Hendersonville, a neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. This apartment complex was built in 2010, and is a Class-A garden-style community. There are 12 three-story buildings that house 252 apartments.

Bluerock has made a habit of co-investing with local expert companies across the nation in order to bring large profits to both companies as well as a high quality are to live in. The company made no exception in their acquisition of the Grove at Waterford, going in with Bell Partners to purchase the property for $27 million.

Bell Partners is going to leverage its local expertise alongside of Bluerock’s 60 years of real estate experience in order to develop the

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Many people don't like living in the crowed areas of a large city, even if that large city has the home town feel like Nashville Tennessee. Of course, the conveniences of living in or around a big city are virtually endless making it difficult for many people to choose where to live. Most people find that living in a subdivision of a large city offers all the benefits of the big city without the crowds and noise. There are dozens of beautiful subdivisions of Nashville Tennessee to choose from, one of which will be perfect for you.

If you're looking for an exclusive area with an Arnold Palmer designed gated golf course, many houses featured in the Parade of Homes, and much more than Brentwood is perfect for you. Located just south of Nashville it

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If you're looking for a great family-friendly activity to treat your loved ones to this Father's Day, then you definitely won't want to miss the 42nd annual American Artisan Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. This increasingly popular Festival is a showcase for the most talented and creative craftsmen in the Middle Tennessee area, so whether you're looking for good food, good fun or fantastic decor you'll find it at the American Artisan Festival.

This year's American Artisan Festival is an especially sentimental one as Nancy Saturn, the original founder of the AAF, lost her life to advanced breast cancer in March of 2010. In her lifetime she saw the American Artisan Festival transform from a raggedy collection of small booths in her backyard to the

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Nashville Pride is a non-profit organization in Nashville, Tennessee, and every year for the past 23 years they have been host to an exciting Festival in celebration of gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender equality, or GLBT for short. Every year it feels like the community grows closer to the goal of total equality, yet there is still so far to go – come out to this year's Nashville pride Festival to show your support for GLBT culture in Middle Tennessee. No matter what particular orientation you take to, the Nashville Pride Festival is dedicated to maintaining a sense of community while promoting a sense of awareness throughout.

Nashville Pride 2012

If you're hesitant to attend this year's Nashville Pride Festival, just wait until you hear what's in

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Even if you haven't heard of the real estate opportunities in Brentwood, there's no denying that these are some of the most sought after and in demand properties in all of Middle Tennessee. This notoriously affluent area, in Williamson County and Davidson County, just south of Nashville is home to some of the most beautiful and well designed new construction homes as well as older traditional homes. The are homes here that are filled to the brim with rich history. There's definitely a reason that these charming homes are in such high demand. Just take a look at some of the available listings to see what kind of spacious and luxurious properties are available right now.

Brentwood History and Heritage

What you will find throughout Brentwood, Tennessee

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If you are looking for a new luxurious property in the greater Nashville area, a beautiful home in Franklin, Tennessee may fit the bill precisely.

Franklin has historically been a secluded but wealthy town, and today the lifestyle you will find in Franklin is little different… It is truly a tranquil community with a host of amenities to keep you entertained and relaxed every day. Franklin is set back away from the bustling Nashville suburbia, yet is close enough that multiple trips into town every week are not at all in convenient… The 15 mile drive should take you about 20 minutes, but that short distance makes a huge difference in the general feeling of seclusion surrounding the community.

Franklin is a town suited for those who love tradition. If

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There's always something to do in the city of Nashville, in fact there's so much to do that sometimes it can be difficult to pick out what sounds most appealing… It's a classic case of information overload. Fortunately, this article will help you sift through the mass of events taking place throughout the next month in Nashville...Although the CMA Music Festival won't be included because that's just too obvious. However, the following three events you may not have heard about: 

Shakespeare Allowed: the Comedy of Errors – In a celebration of arguably the best playwright in history, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival offers anyone who wishes the to attend the opportunity to read through Shakespeare's comedy, The Comedy of Errors, at the Nashville

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