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Have you ever wondered how Nashville, Tennessee earned its moniker as Music City USA? What's so special about the music scene in Nashville that it warrants being capital of continental music culture? Haven't just as many musicians passed through cities like Las Vegas and New York?

Well, Tennessee has been known for some world-class fiddlin' all the way back since its roots in the 1700s, but it really started to earn recognition in 1824 when a hymnal, called Western Harmony, was published out of Nashville. The hymnal's popularity spread like wildfire, and set the scene for Nashville's later musical significance.

Fast forward to the late 1800s when what is now known as Ryman Auditorium first began to draw crowds. It quickly became one of the country's

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Deciding where to purchase your first home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You're setting the stage for the next chapter of your life, and it's important that you start off on the right foot. So, that being said, why should you consider Nashville, Tennessee if you're ready to be a homeowner? What makes Nashville, Tennessee one of the best places in the country for you to enter into the realm of real estate for the very first time?

Low Cost of Living, With Security on the Side

If this is your first time buying a house it's probably safe to assume that you have underestimated the financial requirements involved; there always seems to be more to pay for than first meets the eye. For many new homeowners, the first few years of

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As a prospective home buyer, it's always good to know a little bit about the area you're going to be moving into. Sure, your realtor probably lets you in on a few fun facts about the neighborhood or specific area you'll be living in, but in this brief article I'm going to go over 4 attractions in Nashville, Tennessee that you should know about.

The Pantheon & Centennial Park

It may seem like odd placement, but Nashville, Tennessee is home to the only full-scale replica of the Greek pantheon in the entire world. Take one step through the stone columns and you won't doubt it for a second… This place is huge! Truly awe-inspiring to behold; it really feels like the original when you're inside.

The Pantheon is situated inside of Centennial Park, which is

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Are you tired of living in an over-priced, under-sized apartment? Maybe you're buried in debt and just can't get out of it without lowering your overall cost of living? Or maybe even you're just an average homeowner who's ready to move up in the world. No matter who or where you are, you can be living a better lifestyle on a more affordable budget in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville, Tennessee, together with the surrounding subdivisions, offers a wide array of housing opportunities for every budget and lifestyle. Whether you're looking for something even cheaper than the normal entry-level house or a spacious mid-level house or something even higher end than that, there's sure to be something for you in Nashville.

Why is Nashville Better?


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Nashville has been called the “Mecca of all Country and Western Music lovers.”  But if Nashville is the Mecca, the Grand Ole Opry is what put country music “on the map” in the United States and around the world.  Things in the music world started to change right after World War II.  Pop music still ruled the charts, but a radio station based in Nashville (WSM) began to garner national attention.  It played the country and western sound that was being performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.  Soon the sounds of country and western music swept the nation and became more a part of our mainstream culture.  By the early 1950’s, “Newsweek” was even referring to Nashville as “country music’s Detroit.”

The Ryman in Reflection

Over the years, most of the great country and

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Green Hills Mall is one of the premier shopping destinations in Nashville.  It’s an upscale mall with marble lined floors, brass handrails, and beautiful greenery throughout.  Many believe it is the most fashionable mall in the Nashville area. A recent expansion added 80,000 square feet of retail space to the mall. The mall is so large that it’s almost impossible not to find want you want.  Many Nashville residents refer to it as “one stop shopping.”

The mall has three anchor department stores:  Macy’s, Dillard’s and Nordstrom.  In addition, there are thirty-seven accessory and jewelry stores, twenty shoe stores, fourteen men’s fashion stores, twelve luggage and handbag stores, seven home furnishing and décor stores, three stores that cater to infants

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Nashville is a cosmopolitan city that offers a variety of dining alternatives.  There are literally hundreds of options to choose from, many with an international flair.  A partial list of the types of fare offered by these restaurants would include: American, Asian mix, brew pubs, Cajun/Creole, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai and vegetarian. If someone has something else in mind, it can probably be found in Nashville.   

One popular eating spot in Nashville is The Melting Pot.  It is representative of the fine dining that can be found in Nashville.  The Melting Pot is a stylish restaurant with a definite French influence.  Its dinner menu includes a four-course meal with numerous selections from which to

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Nashville truly is a town that comes even more alive at night.  The people of Nashville really love their music, and there are many clubs that offer different types of music for residents to enjoy.  The area around Broadway used to be known as “Honky Tonk Row.”  One of the better honky tonks that still resides on the row is Layla’s Bluegrass Inn.  Layla’s is a saloon that offers bluegrass, hillbilly, “rockability,” western and new grass music.  Several well known performers have taken the stage at Layla’s:  Hank William III, Shackshakers, Gail Davies, Chris Scruggs and Ralph Stanley.  The saloon offers excellent music and free admission – an unbeatable combination! The other Nashville staple on Broadway is "Tootsies" This is a favorite amongst all the

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Franklin, Tennessee is only twenty miles south of the center of Nashville.  It has that small town feeling, but it’s close to Nashville and all the amenities that cosmopolitan city offers.  Franklin was founded in 1799 and was named after Ben Franklin who was a friend of one of the founders. The downtown area is built around a quaint and historic town square.  There is a Civil War Monument in the middle commemorating The Battle of Franklin.  Legend has it that ten thousand soldiers lost their lives in the first fifteen minutes of this battle.  It’s known as the bloodiest battle in American history.

Franklin, population 62,487 (2010 census), offers a variety of housing alternatives in a variety of price ranges.  There are exclusive gated communities like

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Brentwood is an affluent suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.   There were just over 30,000 people living in Brentwood in 2011.  The population has grown 28.3% since the year 2000. The unemployment rate is 6.40%, which is significantly lower than the average unemployment rate across the rest of the United States (9.10%).  The cost of living in this high socio-economic area is 48.5% higher than the average cost of living in the United States.  The median price of a home is approximately $500,000.00. But this truly is a case of “you get what you pay for.” 

Brentwood itself is a beautiful, clean, safe environment in which to raise a family.  The houses are well-constructed, loaded with amenities and have a great deal of “curb appeal.”  Simply put, the homes cost

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