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Bridgestone Relocation Resources

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Bridgestone Relocation Resources

We have contracted with two companies to create dedicated services for Bridgestone employees only and as a result we have managed to hand pick vendors who will be willing to work with you and offer a small Bridgestone employee discount for their services.


As soon as you know the address of the home you will be moving to, either rental or purchased, Updater is a service that will help minimize the hassle of moving to a new city.

Updater is a time-saving tool that offers you the ability to forward your mail, update service providers with your new address, share moving announcements with friends and family, connect internet and utilities, and much more – all from one easy-to-use platform.

With RE/MAX Advantage Relocation for Bridgestone you can do all of this for free and in minutes, saving hours!


After you have moved to Nashville you will still need the services that most people use in their day to day life, such as needing a vet, an accountant, a handyman etc. This is all provided in an app you can access from your phone.

We have provided this free service for you, and you can watch a quick video about HomeKeepr below.



Home Warranty

At RE/MAX Advantage we work with Home Warranties of America to help provide peace of mind for our clients when they purchase a new or resale home so that they know they are covered in the case of any appliance malfunction etc.

Here's a short video about the Home Warranty process and coverage