Information and links to info about the Nashville TN flood in 2010 and Government flood zone maps

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Nashville and The Flood

Parts of Nashville have always been in the flood zone but since the flood of 2010 it has become more important to know where the floods occurred in the past and which homes are in the current flood plain zone.

FEMA have a FLOOD MAP Use this map to help locate the different communities of Nashville

Video Of the Nashville Flood in 2010

These videos was created by a friend of mine, Mike Deppisch, who is a talented local photographer.

Flood Insurance

Knowing that a home is in a flood zone is very important because you'll find that the insurance companies will ask for a higher insurance premium. This is mandated by the mortgage holder ie the banks who say that you will have to have flood insurance...or you will not get a mortgage. The flood premium may actually put the monthly payments to a level that exceeds your approval limit.

Flooded Properties

The flood of 2010 created a number of homes that were damaged by flood water to the extent that the home owners were forced to move out and sell the property or claim on their insurance. This did allow contractors to come in and renovate the properties to sell again.

This is something you should be aware of and the Realtors of The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Elite will be able to research the history of the home and determine wether the home was previously flooded, if it's not declared in the property disclosure.