Selling Your Nashville Area Home

Marketing your home for sale in Nashville depends on a lot of factors and perhaps the most important is the ability expose your listing to as many buyers as possible

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Selling Your Nashville Area Home

Posted by Gary Ashton: RE/MAX ADMIN on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 11:10am.

Selling a home in todays market means that you should be taking every advantage of all the new marketing channels that are  now available.

Real Estate Magazines

In the past, realtors would list their personal listings in the local real estate magazines, and potential buyers would pick up the magazine, and use this as their reference material for searching for their next home. Usually where there was one magazine there were several. That meant that the buyer would pick up all the magazines and look through them all. It also became clear that the most popular magazines were the ones with the color pages and pictures.

Searching Online

These magazines are still available for buyers but recent statistics have shown that 94% of buyers start their search for property online! The internet has become one of the best and easiest places for a prospective home buyer to start their research in to the availability of homes and property in their desired price range and area.

The introduction of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo made it very simple for buyers to refine their search for real estate in their preferrerd location and now they can search "virtually" from any place in the world as long as they have internet access and some kind of device to view the web pages on.

For someone moving to Nashville from another state, the internet has proven to be a vital piece of the property search process. Just by searching for 'Nashville Real Estate' they are now presented with websites that offer the buyer the ability to do some research on the homes for sale in Nashville.

Listing with TAREG (The Ashton Real Estate Group) of RE/MAX Elite

TAREG has consistently ranked in the top 3 teams within RE/MAX for all of TN and KY for the past 5 years and is the #1 team with RE/MAX Elite in Nashville. This success has given us the ability to continually strive to promote the team and our business to ensure you home will be seen by as many people as possible.

Getting Your Home Featured

As a home seller, these are the people that you would want to be reaching. Just listing your house in the Middle Tennessee Regional Multiple Listing Service is the starting point. To have your home then featured on our site as a preferred listing gives you the opportunity to have your home seen before all the other homes.

Featured by City and Price

Take a home for sale in Brentwood that is valued at around the $500,000 price point. The buyer would likely be looking at homes just under $500,000 and over $500,000. In the link above you can see that there is a great range of homes available to the buyer. The listings in this site are organised by the most expensive to the least expensive. In this case the most expensive would be $600,000 but if you have a home listed, at say $550,000, you would be featured at the top of the page as a featured listing with TAREG Now your home is being shown first in an appropriate price range which is giving you the first chance at making an impression on that buyer.

Featured  by Subdivision

Also, if your home is located in a subdivsion in Brentwood, your home will be featured at the top of the page. For example, if your home is in the Governors Club in Brentwood, then your property would be featured at the top of the page. If your home was the lowest priced, it would still appear as a preffered list and again giving your more exposure than the other homes that are listed in The Governors Club.

The Marketing Advantage

TAREG of RE/MAX Elite does have the advantage of also featuring your property on the home page of The site is search engine independant in that many people just type in to be able to do research about the Nashville area before they move here.

As thye are doing there research, and they come to to find out about the City, the culture, the activities available for all the residnts, they will be subliminally thinking about seeling their home and buying a new home.  When they see the real estate section of the site, they will then realise that they will want to know what kind of homes they can afford. Typically people look to buy the same kind of house , or slightly bigger, if they are moving. So with anyone visiting to contemplate a move to Nashville, they will search for a home in the price range and profile that matches their current home. 

As one of the top real estate teams in all of Nashville we have 18 agents who all have a data base of clients looking for homes in a wide variety of price ranges and areas. Listing your home with TAREG of RE/MAX Elite will you instant access to a pool of buyers looking to buy homes in the Nashville area.

The end result is that TAREG is capturing buyers who are seriously considering moving to or within the Nashville area. If you are selling a home...then contact us so we can help you put your home in front of all thses buyers, and in our database of existing buyers, and make your home one of the TAREG featured homes!!!



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The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage

The #1 Real Estate Team in Tennessee and #4 RE/MAX team in the world!


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