Looking for a Loft in Nashville? Here's a Few Good Places to Begin Your Search

It's not easy to find the right home, condo, or loft in downtown Nashville right now. If you're in the market for a new loft, though, try checking out these 3 Nashville loft buildings.

Looking for a Loft in Nashville? Here's a Few Good Places to Begin Your Search Close
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Looking for a Loft in Nashville? Here's a Few Good Places to Begin Your Search

Posted by Gary Ashton: Blog on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 7:00pm.

Nashville Loft Buildings

With downtown Nashville’s inventory at an all-time low right now, finding the right place to call home has become increasingly challenging for local home buyers, but especially to those searching for a stylish new loft. In a city like Nashville, where the kind of interior and exterior aesthetics of a loft conversion seem to go hand-in-hand with the general atmosphere and make-up of the downtown area, residential lofts are usually a pretty hot commodity to home buyers looking for a new place to live, regardless of how hot or cold the market may be.

Whether you’re looking for nice big open layout that’s functional as a work-live space or just simply like the decor that’s usually associated with a loft conversion—like exposed brick walls and high timber or concrete ceilings for example—opportunities at securing a fabulous new Nashville loft certainly aren’t plentiful at the moment, making it more important than ever for potential buyers to act fast should they see a unit on the market that fits all their needs and wants.

And while inventory continues to be an issue for just about every property-type here in the city, a few Nashville loft buildings still have some great deals currently available, but probably not for long. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect to find in some of downtown’s hottest loft buildings:

Werthan Mills Lofts

Arguably downtown Nashville’s most prominent loft building, the Werthan Mills Lofts are about as authentic as it gets for a residential loft conversion. And with 5 units currently on the market, it might also be your best chance at finding something that checks off most of those boxes on your wish list.

View lofts for sale at Werthan Mills Lofts

Midtown Lofts

Although a bit newer and offering more of a soft-loft kind of feel, there are still 3 lofts currently on the market here, which all have a great value. And given the Midtown Lofts are situated in the highly-desirable West End/Vanderbilt area, it’s hard to beat the location as well.

View lofts for sale at Midtown Lofts

West End Lofts

As one of Nashville’s original loft developments, it’s not very often you see a unit here pop onto the market, which was all the more reason for us to feature it on our list. Right now, a one-bedroom/two-bathroom unit is currently listed, which features a very spacious interior, private outdoor space, and some exceptional updates to both the kitchen and baths.

View lofts for sale at West End Lofts

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