Booming Job Market in Nashville

For a really long time the city of Nashville has been referred to as the “Music City” of the United States.

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Booming Job Market in Nashville

Posted by Gary Ashton: RE/MAX ADMIN on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 at 8:44am.

For a really long time the city of Nashville has been referred to as the “Music City” of the United States. It has earned this nickname primarily due to that fact that many famous artists, especially country stars, started their careers in Nashville.

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. Because of its dense population with over one and a half million people, it ranks as the second largest city in the state. Its Metro Area is the largest in all of Tennessee, and that means nonstop entertainment from nightclubs to movies and restaurants. This also means that that job opportunities abound as more than musicians have started successful career paths here.

Nashville has been the top producer of music for more than fifty years and has given job opportunities to more than 19,000 people only in the music industry. Although Nashville is the headquarters of many music companies such as Sony Music Entertainment and Univeral Music Group, the city is more than just a powerhouse in the music industry.

This city has also many other well developed industries including transportation, publishing and health care among others. Although Nashville is a center of music  and many aspiring artists come from here, the health care industry is actually the biggest sector in this city. There are many health care centers such as National Healthcare Corporation and National Health Investors Inc.

The technology giant Dell also maintains a strong presence here in Nashville city.  They manufacture any and every electronic device from computers, printers and servers to televisions and many other consumer electronics. This company employs almost eighty thousand people and gives steady and promising career opportunities for young professionals.

The economic climate in Nashville is one that is still progressing and developing at a fast pace. Any person, with a little bit of motivation, will find that Nashville is a city with a lot to offer for individuals seeking a long and satisfying career in any number of diverse industries.


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