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How to Find the Best Hotels in Nashville, TNNo matter how much there is to do in any given city, visitors will end up spending a lot of time in their hotel room. Even if it's only for the purposes of getting some shut-eye, it helps to have a comfortable (and safe) place as a home away from home. No matter what type of budget a visitor happens to be on, they can use the following suggestions as a head start on their quest for the best place to relax their head.

The Hermitage Hotel

For those who don't mind shelling out a little extra dough, the Hermitage Hotel has been serving up Southern hospitality since 1910. Their success is built upon their ability to change with the times without sacrificing their quality of service. Visitors rave that the ambiance is luxurious without being

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Where to Find the Best Local Products at Nashville's Farmer's MarketsFrom fresh produce to new products, farmer's markets give shoppers a chance to discover something new about their city. There are few excursions that are so inherently local which can be a welcome relief in a world of chain stores. Those who want to support all of the local artisans of Nashville, TN should check out the following markets to stock up on groceries, try a new dish, or purchase homemade crafts and goods.

Nashville Farmer's Market

Filled with chefs and growers from practically every part of the world, this farmer's market is huge. Open every day of the week, it has both indoor and outdoor sections for the ultimate experience in wandering. It's a good place for patrons to sample new fruits and vegetable that may not have crossed

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Where to Go for Lunch in Nashville, TNWhen hot chicken became a fad around the country, it had a lot of epicureans turning their eyes to the city of Nashville. What else had everyone been missing out on all these years? And as the city's population grows, the number of amazing lunch spots is only going up. To help narrow down the picks, check out these choices for best lunch spots in Nashville. These restaurants have managed to stand out among a very competitive pack.

Ruby Ann's

This place is open for breakfast and shuts down at 2 p.m. Its no-frills menu has two major sections: Biscuits and Not Biscuits. Reviewers rave about all the food, but they really seem to enjoy the Biscuits portion of the menu. It has just enough variety that patrons will be able to find something they

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How to Repair Roof DamageThinking about selling your home? If so, you'll want to make sure your home is in the best shape possible in order to bring in the highest possible sale price—especially in today's competitive market. One of the most important structures of your home that you'll want to make sure is in good shape is your roof. After all, any potential buyers will likely demand a home inspection before closing, which will include a thorough inspection of the roof itself. You can get ahead of the game by being on the lookout for telltale signs that your roof needs replaced or repaired before you sell.

The Roof Deck is Sagging

Take a step outside and look at the home from the front yard. Specifically, look at the roof line; does it appear completely level? If a

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