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Ask anyone in Nashville why they're proud to live there and you're likely to receive a host of different answers, from the southern cookin' to the live entertainment to the friendly and culture-rich vibe that encompasses the city as a whole, but in the end there are 3 solid reasons above all why anyone should be proud to be a Nashvillean:

  • Handled the 2010 Flood Independently – You may not remember if you're a new Nashville resident, but in 2010 Nashville was hit by one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history when high tides combined with torrential downpours to make the Cumberland River overflow 13 feet beyond flood level and wreaking havoc across a large part of the city. Unfortunately, media coverage was limited at best, and for the
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There are few things in this world more satisfying than a plate stacked high with hotcakes first thing in the morning. When you think breakfast food in Nashville, you should think of the Pancake Pantry – It's namesake dish is the simply buttermilk pancake, but you can have yours any way you like at this homey but delicious establishment.

Obviously, the Pancake Pantry's specialty is going to be in serving you the best pancakes you've ever had, but their breakfast menu extends into the realm of traditional breakfast foods as well, such as bacon and eggs, hash browns, muffins and more. Of course, if it's your first time going to the Pancake Pantry, you're highly encouraged to just stick with the hotcakes and enjoy the array of options and choices available

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Until 2012, Nashville Ballet's Emergence event was restricted to once every other year, on even years only. This year on May 17 you can join Nashville, Tennessee's best ballet company in not only the normal celebration of artistic innovation, but also celebrating the upgrade from biennial to annual scheduling. The Emergence performances are always worth seeing because they are literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but this year the stage is set to be a real showstopper.

What is Emergence?

Nashville marks its name as a city rich in creative talent. Typically, Music City USA is associated with – naturally – musicians. However, there are thousands of other talented artists throughout the community, including some of Tennessee's best ballet dancers

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Live radio fans across the country know Nashville, Tennessee as Music City, and a little less commonly as Broadcast Radio Capital of the world. This is because of Nashville's pivotal role in entertaining America and beyond throughout most of the 20th century and continuing into the 21st. Today you can enjoy a part of Nashville's rich musical history by attending one of the city's continuing live radio shows as a member of the live taping audience:

Grand Ole Opry – By far the most famous of the 3 live radio shows listed here, the Grand Ole Opry has had its finger in American music culture since its initiation in 1925, and it is without a doubt the reason that Nashville is known as Music City, USA. It is the longest-running live radio show that still

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Not even pausing to take a breath from their recent road to Carnegie Hall, Nashville Symphony's next performance will be featuring renowned trumpeter and two-time Grammy nominee, Chris Botti. This well respected trumpeter and composer is an American favorite because of his unique ability to tackle a wide array of musical styles, but he is without a doubt the most well recognized for his heart throbbing jazz instrumentals. Musically exposed from a young age, Chris Botti is able to blend together classic, pop and jazz influences to create truly unique tunes that will surely mark a night worth listening to when coupled with the skill of Nashville's professional symphony.

Nashville is just one stop for Chris Botti on this year's world tour, but it is sure

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Nashville doesn't have too many gated and manned residential communities but one that always springs to mind for me is LaurelBrooke. This upscale community is actually located in Franklin and borders Brentwood, It's location, just off Hillsboro Pike, gives the residents easy access to Cool Springs, downtown Franklin, and Green Hills. There are numerous private schools close by, most notably CPA.

Over the past 5 years I have personally shown a large number of the homes in laurelBrooker over $1,000,000 have personally sold homes from around $2M to well over $3M. As a result of these showings and previews for clients I've built up a good library of homes that were previously listed and now coming back on the market. 

One example of a previous sale is

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Junk addicts in Nashville, Tennessee, mark your calendars! This month the Tennessee State Fairgrounds will be hosting their monthly Flea Market on May 25th, 26th and 27th at the Nashville Expo Center. This enormous flea-market comes to town on the fourth weekend of every single month except December, and it is always worth the trip. If you enjoy thrifting, bargain shopping, or garage sale-ing, you'll definitely want to make room in your Memorial Day weekend to attend this month's Flea Market Weekend.

Nashville, Tennessee boasts the seventh largest Flea Market in the entire United States of America. In fact, the 1,300 booths that make up your average Flea Market Weekend can't be contained inside the massive Nashville Expo Center… You'll find excess

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A community filled to the brim with beautiful homes and beautiful people, Green Hills is a relatively well-off neighborhood in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. You'll find both condominiums and houses here, and pricing is very flexible throughout… Although it greatly depends on which individual neighborhood you end up living in. There are plenty of properties under $200,000 if you are a family looking for a safe neighborhood on a reasonable budget, but there are also high end subdivisions where you'll find estates well over $1M.

While Green Hills has historically been a heavily residential subdivision, it is also conveniently located within close proximity to Nashville's classiest mall, aptly named The Mall at Green Hills. It is definitely one of

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Enjoy rich craft beers with one of the most flavorful house-made burgers in all of Nashville at a brand-new The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden. Since opening in December 2011, The Pharmacy has become a Nashville hotspot, quickly gaining lots of media attention and community recognition. On its old-school menu you will find delicious house-made classic and specialty recipes for wursts, burgers (mostly) and a pretty sizable selection of sides such as sweet potato fries and house 'tots. This place is almost always packed to the brim on weekends, so you'll definitely want to plan that into your schedule if you're counting on quick service.

One thing that sets The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden apart from any chain restaurant and many of the

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Did you know that just a little less than a year ago, Forbes magazine ran a piece on the top 52 most populated cities in the entire USA and projected Nashville, Tennessee to rank as the 3rd best 'boom city'? That means that out of every major city in America, over the next 10 years Nashville is projected to cement its position as an economic stronghold through continued economic growth and smart development.

So, why does this matter to you as a home buyer? Well, to understand that question, you need to understand what makes Nashville such a great place to live in right now. It doesn't take much investigation to turn up the reason for the region's economic resilience – a 2008 regional study revealed that 50% of the entire population of the United States

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